Delivery & Distribution Solutions LLC stays informed about new technology.

We offer the latest state-of-the-art communication and scanning technology that allows us to deliver optimal service to our customers.

Every courier is equipped with an Android and Windows mobile devices which enables us to provide optimal on-time and accurate delivery service.

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

To reduce cost, improve service and be “Green”, DDS utilizes state-of-the-art route optimization technology.  Our optimized routes make our couriers more productive and efficient. With more efficient routes, fewer miles are driven, which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

With GPS tracking we always know where all of our couriers are, enabling us to provide accurate ETA’s for our customers.  This technology also takes the guess work out of dispatching and enables us to dispatch dynamically to insure the best service possible.
In addition to web services for order entry and tracking, DDS offers Business-to-Business systems integration with our customers. The ability to constantly communicate with our customers is just as critical as staying in touch with our fleet. This is the most effective way to share information, eliminating duplicate entry and reducing entry mistakes, resulting in improved and dependable shipping service. DDS is very flexible and can work with our customers to determine the most cost effective way to interface.
At DDS we don’t have to guess when making our dispatching decisions.  With a real-time view of our couriers locations, we can select the courier that will provide the best possible service for our customers.

Our mobile devices enable us to capture signatures, scan packages, track our couriers and navigate from stop to stop.