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May 9, 2014
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We have worked with the professional and courteous staff at Delivery & Distribution Solutions LLC for approximately 1 year.  During this time, it has been a real pleasure.

Because our business deals with commercial business and residential client delivery of medical supplies and equipment, the fact that all of Delivery & Distribution Solutions’ employees have received DME and HIPPA training has been a real benefit for us.  From the very beginning, they were able to pick-up and deliver to our customers without requiring additional training.

When providing home delivery services, DDS has been phenomenal.  They are incredibly dedicated to providing optimum customer service.  For instance, when delivering medical supplies or equipment to our residential customers (some are elderly), they take the time to listen.  Equipment is assembled and properly placed based on their instructions.  DDS is extremely careful and has never had a damage incident in a customer’s home.  Additionally, in all cases, before leaving, they ensure that the customer understands the directions for use of supplies or how to operate equipment.  They will even demonstrate equipment use, if requested.

Delivery & Distribution Solutions LLC provides superior courier service and great customer service – Everything we need in a full-service delivery company.


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