“Delivery Excellence Guaranteed”


From our talent acquisition & contracting, to the technology we utilize, it is our goal to be as “Green” as possible.

Customer Service

Delighting customers at every touch point


IBCC New Business of the Year 2013
Chicago United “Five Forward” participant

I have worked with Delivery & Distribution Solutions, LLC (DDS) since their inception in 2005.  From the beginning they...
We have worked with the professional and courteous staff at Delivery & Distribution Solutions LLC for approximately 1 year. ...
Everyone at DDS, from management to our couriers, considers our clients partners. We learn their business, listen to their needs, and exceed their expectations.
With an ever changing technological landscape, our goal is to provide the most user-friendly, adaptable and expandable platform possible. And with this platform, it helps reduce our carbon footprint, and our customers' too.
We don't believe in limitations. So as a partner, we constantly look for ways to bring more value to our customers. The larger the role we play in their supply chain, the more they can focus on growing their businesses.